How to add Percolation at indexing time

//createIndex ...

//Register Percolator

QueryBuilder qb = QueryBuilders.matchQuery("content", "taxes");
client.prepareIndex(index, ".percolator", "harkinQuery")
.field("query", qb) // Register the query
.setRefresh(true) // Needed when the query shall be available immediately

//index with BulkProcessor
for(i=0; i< numDocs; i++)
JSONObject jDoc = getDoc[i];


Percolate API is used like this, but I am not sure how I can use it in
combination with bulk index request shown in my above code?

PercolateResponse response = client.preparePercolate()
//Iterate over the results
for(PercolateResponse.Match match : response) {
//Handle the result which is the name of
//the query in the percolator

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