How to add several test results in the same pie in kibana

Hi friends, I have a question with Kibana, is it possible to add several test results to a cake? since at the time of doing so it generates 3 cakes

Can you clarify how your data looks like and what kind of visualization you want to see?

Hi Flash1293, thanks for your prompt response.

attached image where the data I want to join in a single graphic is displayed

Could you just post a man example document as json with the relevant fields? And how do you want the chart to look like?

the graph should look according to the following image

according to the data marked e red of the image attached in the other post

I see, thanks for the explanation. The way pie charts work today in Kibana do not support this, as you can only use a single metric for the angles of the slices, not three different ones.

If you have control over your data, consider splitting up your documents into separate ones.

Instead of

{ failureCount: 3, successCount: 3 }

you would have

{ type: 'failure', count: 3 },
{ type: 'success', count: 3 }

Now you can split the slices by type and use sum of count as the metric.

However I would not recommend this. What about a vertical bar chart showing the same information? You can add three metrics there (which will be shown as three separate bars). In most cases a bar chart does a better job in presenting the same information.

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