How to aggregate a term before it's used to filter results

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I have a field containing simple tags for example. I'd like to be able to use those tags to perform a faceted search but have the tag counters showing the counts of matches before the tag is used as a filter.


Foo (20)
*Bar (25)*  <--- selected tag
Bof (23) <--- if I select this tag 'Bar' is deselected and I get 23 results (which may or may not have documents tagged `Bar`
Bif (19) 

At the moment I have a search that looks like this:


This will give me counts for all document tags where the document is tagged Bar already

I could perform multiple searches to get the aggregations, but wondered if there was a simpler way?

(Mark Harwood) #2

Check out the post_filter expression to apply additional filters to your search results but which don't filter any aggregations.

(Guy Bowden) #3

Thanks Mark - a little more investigation has shown me the 'global' keyword and filter on aggregations. I have implemented this by copying the overall search filter and removing the one I'm interested in for each aggregation.

i couldn't see how to use post_filter aside from a simple use-case where I didn't want any filters applied to any of the aggregations, whereas I need to essentially have all my filters applied except for the filter applied on my aggregation field.

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