How to align the legends and maintain uniform color across the whole dashboard?

Hi guys, I created a dashboard containing several visualizations. But, the problem I'm facing is that the legends change color every time the page is refreshed. I want some color uniformity like 'green' for 'pass', 'red' for 'fail', and so on. Please let me know how can we achieve this.

Also, I want alignment of legends across all the visualizations as 'pass' should at the top, then 'fail', then 'open bug', and so on. Is there any way to align these legends according to our choice? If yes, then please tell me how to do this.

Please inform me in case it's not possible. I'll create a request for the same.

This should be possible using the visualization:colorMapping advanced setting. It allows you to specify a map of labels to colors which will be used in all visualizations in the label matches.

Thanks @flash1293. It helped!
Can you please confirm if I can align these labels in an order or not?

What do you mean by aligning them?

By aligning, I mean keeping them in a particular order. For example, I have "Pass", "Fail", "Open-bug", "Known Issue" as labels, they are aligned alphabetically in the dashboard, but if I want to order them like "Fail" first, then "Pass", then "Open bug", then "Known Issue" and so on. Is it possible to do that?

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