How to apply multiple analyzers?

Recently I want to create a global site.
Therefore, it is necessary to apply various languages, but now only one language is applied.
How do I apply languages from different countries?

I am using a mecap-ko analyzer.
Is it possible to use multiple analyzers in different countries and have multiple plug-ins?

I am sorry I didn't get your question but I will try to answer. You can check this link ,it might help you. You can have a separate index in ES for each locale or language.

Can you please explain your use case a bit more clearly so that I can help.

Thank for the answer.

The index information currently configured.

The analyzer is in Korean and I would like to add Japanese or Vietnamese.

Hi, there are 2 ways to deal with it.

  1. You can create different indices for Korean , Vietnamese etc.. and can analyze the docs using different analyzers based on the language
  2. You can use multi-fields where you can analyze a field using different analyzers.

I far as I know we can't use cascading or a series of analyzers one after other in ES. But by using multi-fields we can analyze the field using different analyzers.


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