How to apply percentile range filter on kibana visualization for data table

I am very new to Elastic Search and using Kibana. I am trying to create a visualization for response times for different pages on a website. For each page hit, we capture response times and was able to create a visualization with percentile aggregations fro 50th, 90th and 95th.

But need to filter out the data set and apply percentiles on the filtered data set(only consider the data between 5th and 95th percentile points). Just want to eliminate the first 5 percentile values and the last 5 percentile values.

Hi @nishnath.nandi,

There isn't an automated way to do this at this time, I would recommend opening an enhancement request in the Kibana repository:

I did find a suggestion that involves more manual work: Kibana filtering percentile/outliers

You could have a metric visualization that shows the 99%, 90%, and 50% duration values. Then you could manually create a lucene query that filters the data to be above that value to view the targeted documents.

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