Kibana filtering percentile/outliers

(Gac Gin) #1

Can anyone teach me or point me to a straightforward tutorial/doc for my use case:

I already have an index of event logs where each event has a duration field. That is the time in milliseconds each request to the server took.

I ideally would like to see only those events that falls outside of the 99% duration, 90%, 50%.

Is there a way to do this through Kibana Visualizations/Timelion?

(Nathan Reese) #2

There is no way of doing this without some manual steps. You could have a metric visualization that shows the 99%, 90%, and 50% duration values. Then you could manually create a lucene query that filters the data to be above that value to view the targeted documents.

Doing this in an automated way is an interesting usecase. I would recommend opening a enhancement issue at to track the idea.

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