Plot various percentiles in kibana


I have a series of records (@timestamp, duration), for instance:

(1526397241435, 473.16)

I would like to have a visualization for that series. On Y axes I'd like to have the percentage from 0% to 100%, on the X axes I'd like to have the duration.
So I could say: The X% of the request takes Y ms.

This is an example that I have catched in AWS X-RAY and I would recreate


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If I understand correctly, you want a histogram of the duration metric as the x-axis, and the Y-axis to be a percentage of the count of documents with that duration, out of the total number of documents. So if you add up all the percentage data values, you'd have 100%. Therefore, the count of documents is normalized to a percentage of the total.

This is a bit of a hard challenge technically, and something that Kibana doesn't currently support. Although, you might want to try to dig up more information talking to Elasticsearch experts.

For more background, Elasticsearch has a concept of pipeline aggregations, where you can take buckets from one kind of aggregation (in your case a histogram aggregation across duration) and pipe them through to another aggregation, such as a bucket_script aggregation, which would let you have a math operation over values of the buckets. However, in getting the references to values in a pipeline aggregation, you can refer to a sibling aggregation ("buckets_path": "parent>child") or a parent aggregation ("buckets_path": "parent") . But in this case, when we have a metric aggregation (total number of documents) that is sibling to the parent aggregation (histogram), your requirement is to reference something like an aunt/uncle metric aggregation, which Elasticsearch currently doesn't support.

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