How to become an ElasticSearch expert

Hi. I have been on my current project for about a year now and in that time I have had the chance to get to know ElasticSearch from the request side in all its glory:

  • making requests from the browser natively and with tools like bodybuilder (just for dev purposes, in prod its all behind a proxy of course)

  • making requests from a Java based backend and integration-testing the whole thing with Docker-Testcontainers

  • making batch-requests in Python and integrating them into a Luigi-based data-pipeline and filling a new index

  • making specialized score-calculation queries

  • making completion-suggester queries from user-generated search-inputs (this is why the pipeline was needed)

  • performance-optimizing queries with fitting must-clauses and avoiding nested objects etc

  • aggregation queries and other complex queries

Now I am interested into diving deeper. I want to know how to setup and manage and scale a cluster in production and how to create proper (searchable) logs with Beats/Logstash and clean them up with Kurator and get to know all the other tools from the Ecosystem. But unfortunately on my current project I have no chance to do any of that. So I was wondering what I can do to get hired as an ElasticSearch freelancer one day? Are there any certificates you can recommend? Any certified trainings with practical knowledge?

We have a number of training courses on our site - - including becoming an Elastic Certified Engineer.