How to boost source engine insid ethe meta engine

Conside a meta engine having m and having two source engine a and engine b. and order of these engines are based on created date. when search for a document always document from engine a get highest score and always comes on top. how to boost engine b so that always when search happened on engine m, engine b result should be on top


This topic is not super clear to me.
But may be Function score query | Elasticsearch Guide [8.14] | Elastic could help?

consider , we are having a Meta engine M and source engine product and product review, when user search with title while both having same title / some extra word in title. engines are in order of created date (a is last created and b is first created) with proper relavnce tuning is done with fields.
when we do a search we always get result from a on top and and result from b is down. we want always result from engine b should come top . how to configure or boost particular engine, so that in search result from engine b should come on top of the result

hi @Ashok_Vadya !

You are referring to App Search, right?

I think you could use field weights in the engine you want to boost, so results from that engine are scored higher than results from other engines.