How to build an es query from kibana filters in a kibana plugin


I'm writing a Kibana plugin. How can I create an ES request from the current filters. What classes do I need to import and use?


Hi @ranitg, as with most things, it depends on the version you're building the plugin for. If it's the latest development version, you'll want to look into using the data plugin. The data plugin is what drives the global search bar in Kibana.
The more general plugin developer guide is given in the elastic docs.
Other than that, you could look into how other Kibana plugins (visualize, discover, dashboard etc) implement the filters. Good luck!

I am using Kibana 7.6.2. I have already looked into the data plugin. My question is, is there any interface or public class/function that I can import and use in my plugin? (without implementing everything over again in my plugin). If there is, what is the import statement that I should include in my code?


I haven't worked with the data plugin for a while and would need to look into how it's implemented in other plugins. I recommend that's a way to start.

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