How to build custom plugin

Hi all,

I'd like to install kbn_network plugin ( into the Elasticsearch 7.3.0 Saas deployment (trial version), should I build it for 7.3.0 version before installing it?
What is the right procedure to build it?

I've tried npm build [<package-folder>] but without luck...I don't see any of the installed plugins in the Visualizations pane.


Custom kibana plugins can not be deployed in cloud.

Also, looks like kbn_network plugin does not provide a version that supports Kibana 7.3 yet. Kibana internal APIs change from version to version. Plugins are not compatible between Kibana major versions (6.x to 7.x) and sometimes are not compatible between Kibana minor versions (7.2 to 7.3).

Thanks @Nathan_Reese for your reply.

Are you sure that custom kibana plugins can not be deployed in cloud?

Because in my cloud deployment I see the menu item Custom Plugin:

Clicking Add Plugin I have the possibility to define a new custom plugin and deploying its zip file:

Clicking Create plugin:

Then, editing my deployment I can enable/disable uploaded custom plugins, whereupon the deployment automatically restarts.

I also found this procedure here:
Isn't this the procedure to deploy custom plugins in cloud?

Thanks a lot in advance for any clue!

Thanks for sharing the screen shots. Looks like the ability to install custom plugins has been added to cloud. Things move fast in the Elastic stack

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