How to build Elastic APM .Net Agent in Visual Studio 2019

Hi, I am trying to open APM agent code in Visual Studio. Is there a documentation which explains how to set it up. Ive got a clone from the repository in my local environment. Im trying to investigate on what needs to be done to capture AMQP messages in Agent level instead of custom instrumentation in application level. Appreciate any suggestions, thanks.

Hi, I initially asked this questions because Visual Studio did not show the source as expected in the editor. I asumed there was something out of the box that I need to do to set it up. I tried clicking Build after right clicking on the .sln (solution) then noticed that necessary version of .Net SDK was not there and version of MSBuild related to it. Once I updated Visual Studio the sources were visible. Hope this would help if someone faced a similar situation trying to set things up.

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