How to build the dynamic query in kibana visualization

Hi All,

I am using kibana version 4.5.I have pushed the data of the Load runner analysis file to elastic search. While creating the visualization in kibana ,I want the query to display only the specific data like (some transaction names) for specific Run ID(An unique Id that will be generated for each test run) in the visualization.The query should be written in such a way that,the Run ID should not be hard coded.It should be Dynamic.

Has anybody had to solve this before? Does anybody have any good
suggestions here?

Thanks in advance,

Hello Apoorva,

Unfortunately this isn't possible. @Bargs do you have any inputs?

Also we just released 7.1. Do you think you would like to upgrade? :slight_smile:


Hello Bhavya,

I have tried the same thing in kibana 6.4 version.I'm trying to assign one term to another term in the query which I have pushed from elastic search.But I'm not seeing any data coming up.

Can you please tell me the way,so that I can assign one term to another the in the query.(For ex: RunID:Run1 where Run1 contains some value)


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