Passing Dynamic data to other Visualizations

Hi -
I have a requirement, to show the data as per the request coming in from the other visualization.

Lets say I've a mark down visualization which shows build numbers (1....10) which will be as a hyperlink and when user click on a build number should navigate to the other visualization (results of that particular build), and the data on that visualization has to be filtered as per the build number received. Could you please let me know is there anyway I can able to achieve this.

Please let me know if am unclear. Thanks !

Hi Paul,

most of the visualizations allow filtering on the specific values. So if you create a data table with a terms aggregation on the "buildnumber" field, you could automatically click on the filter icon behind each value to only filter that value.

Also if you don't want to load the data dynamically, but have a fixed list, you want to place into a markdown visualization: Kibana encodes everything in the URL. So if you set a buildnumber filter on your dashboard you will find that in the URL, and that way you could also create links pointing to that specific filtered dashboard.


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