Filter / query

Hello everyone

i have a dashboard is consists number of visualize
I want to filter some of visualize by the last value in a particular field.
How can I do that?

can you please describe a bit more the current data structure and the type of visualization you are showing and what will be the desired output when filtering?

The system is used by me for a production line that is constantly changing the product part number
I want to filter the visualization to display the data for the last product that works
the visualization on the picture you show 2048-92516 - is show the last product part number
I want the system to filter the rest of the visualization on the dashboard

Hello @peretz_shlomi,

I don't think it is currently possible to achieve exactly what you are looking for. But you could use the Controls visualization to create a dropdown with your product IDs, and then select the product ID.

Another option could be to create a chart or a table with the latest product IDs, then add a drilldown for that chart which would filter the dashboard based on the ID of the product you clicked on.

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