Create dashboard with multiple visualizations based on field value

I have a line chart which is split based on a specific id as below.
What I would really like however is that each line will appear alone in a separate chart/visualization within a dashboard based on a term filter.
Is there any way to create this from within kibana?

Hi @elni ! I am not familiar with your data and I don't fully understand the information you want these charts to tell you so I have a few questions:

  • what ID are you splitting (breaking down) the line chart on?
  • is a line chart the best way to visualise this? It seems like "Job ID" is not really a sequential value, or is it? Does job 5 come before 6 and so on? Like a time series?
  • would it be possible to use another visualisation to give you the information you want?

Hi @JLeysens , lets say my data includes:

    "jobId": 4,
    "jobDuration": 25,
    "jobName: "Job Number 1"

jobId is indeed sequential and should be on the x axis in ascending order, jobDuration is the y axis and I would like to have a separate chart per jobName.
Each jobName will have hundreds of jobs and there might be 20-50 unique jobNames.

OK I see, it is not possible to automatically, dynamically split charts in the way you are describing.

One thing you can consider doing is using a Control Option type visualisation. This way you can populate a list of items of job names and select the job name you want to see from the drop down.

You would still have on line chart with all your data, but only view on job name at a time.

Something like:

Would that work for you use case?

Ok great thanks, that is definitely a viable solution.

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