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Hi team. Lets say i have field1, field2, field3 with their values accordingly : field1value1 field1valu2 field1value3 and so on. And i want to create a chart which can switch displaying data depending on dropdown value. Thus if i choose field1 in dropdown, my chart should display Y - count, x - field1 values. Or if i choose field2 , it should display Y count and x with my field2 values. what the way to do it in Kibana? The idea comes from splunk dropdown input and horizontal chart.

Hi there, so let me make sure I understand. Let's say your dataset is a bunch of logs with "user ID" and "user name" fields. And let's say you have two bar charts: one which buckets documents by user ID and one which buckets documents by user name.

It sounds like what you'd like to do is build a dashboard that has a dropdown with the options "User ID" and "User name", and when someone selects the "User ID" option the first bar chart is displayed, and when someone selects the "User Name" option the second bar chart is displayed instead. Is that right?

Unfortunately, our controls don't provide that type of user interaction. Instead, what they do is apply filters on the data itself, so that the data that's fed into a visualization changes. For example, you could build an input control that lists all user names and add that to the dashboard. When someone selects "Bob" from that input control, then only documents with Bob's user name on them will be visualized.

If you'd like us to add more input controls that do different things, please file an issue.


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