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I'm new to Kibana and I have been trying to find such a control feature as parameter. For example, a dropdown with a list of fields so that the user could select one for the chart or a dropdown with numeric values that are passed on to a formula. I'm used to this functionality in Tableau. Is there a workaround other than unpivoting columns into rows and applying a filter or building a custom vega/vega lite chart with parameters? Is there something in the pipleine to add this to the new release of Kibana?
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Hey! Maybe our dashboard controls are useful for your use case?

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Thank you so much for the reply! But so far I understand, these controls are filters, i.e. the user can select between different values of ONE field, whereas I am talking about such a "filter", where the user could select between different fields. For example, we have three price levels - gross, net, and price with a special discount. I want to be able to let the user switch between different price levels in the same chart instead of building three similar charts for each price level individually. Maybe something like that is available in addons or is currently in development to match the best practices? This kind of feature has always been available in Vega/Vega Lite or in Tableau.
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So you want in the chart level to select a different field as metric from the dashboard?

Yes. Or a different field as dimension - for example, color breakdown by category OR product group OR product

I see, this is not available atm but can you create an enhancement request in our repo for the team to evaluate? Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

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