Filter(dropdown) at individual visualization using Vega-lite

How to create filter or dropdown at individual visualization level using Vega-lite.
Our current Elasticsearch and Kibana version is 7.9.3.
We are aware of Kibana's Control-Visualization at Dashboard level. But wanted to create extra filter at individual visualization level.

In general, this won't be possible for two reasons:

  • The way that Kibana's Vega parser works doesn't support dynamic ES queries. This is documented as one of the main limitations in the Kibana Vega reference.
  • In Kibana 7.9.3, Vega was at 5.13 and Vega-Lite was at 4.13- Vega-Lite only started supporting interactive controls in 5, which we started using in Kibana 7.13.

There is a limited workaround that might work if you can apply your filter criteria using Vega instead of Elasticsearch, and if you are able to convert to Vega.

Thanks Wylie, for your quick response. We have installed 7.13 in one of the instance. We will try it.
Is there any guide or article to go through. Or vega-lite guide is enough?

Like I said, I think that you are asking for something that can't be done unless you are able to able define your filter criteria using Vega. The relevant section of the Vega-Lite docs (for Vega-Lite 5) is binding parameters and the Vega docs also explain binding.

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