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I am currently working with an IoT related dataset which has a datefield, machine types, status of those machines and voltage taken at various part in the machine (VID_xx).

These VID_xx columns are around 100 in numbers. My aim is to plot these voltages with time. Because there are almost 100 different columns, I do not want to plot them in a single chart.

I have worked with dropdown controls in Kibana where the field values can be filtered.
I am wondering if I can have a chart with a dropdown with which I can select the voltage fields (eg: VID_1 or VID_2) I want to visualize. The x-axis will be same for all i.e timestamp.

Or, if anyone can suggest a better way of handling this scenario.

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This could be possible if your data in Elasticsearch is structured differently so that each VID_xx has its own document. For example:

  "part_name": "VID_01",
  "machine_id": "abc",
  "date": ...,
  "voltage": ...,

Then you could easily use dropdown controls to filter based on part_name, or multiple parts, and even in combination with one or more machines.

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