Dropdown to select the agregation of a chart

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Good afternoon,

Is there any option to insert one dropdown in a dashboard? For example, one dropdown with this two options:sumfield1,sumfield2. This dropdown point to one line chart and this chart change de data depending the selected option in the dropdown

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The Input Control visualization might be just what you're looking for: https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/kibana/current/add-input-controls.html

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I think that the input control is only one filter of data. But i want the next, when i select the option sumfield1 in the chart i want to plot in y axis the sum of the field1. If i select sumfield2 i want to plot the sum of the field2. this input control only filter the data no?

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i want to select the sum to plot. now in the dashboard i have 3 charts. i want to have only one but changing the selector plot any one of the thre charts

(Larry Gregory) #5

You're right, the input control is just a filter. Kibana doesn't have a mechanism to do what you're looking for.

The closest think I can think of is to create a Markdown visualization which contains a link to another entire dashboard, and that dashboard could have a specific visualization for the plot you're interested in.

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