How to calculate count of particular fields in data table in Kibana?

Hi guys, I want to add some columns like pass/fail/total in my data table, but I don't know how to calculate the count of results and display them on data table.
For example, my records have following fields:
Version, feature name, testcase name, result .

I want to display on data table that how many testcases have pass/fail results when a particualr version and feature is used as a filter. So, the columns I want in my data table are:
Version, Feature, Total results(count of results under this feature), Pass(count of results having status as "Pass"), Fail(count of results having status as "Fail").

Please help me to achieve this.

@Jaishree_Pal It sounds like what you are looking for is a bucket script aggregation, which will let you compute numbers based on the results of other buckets.

These are supported in TSVB, but not yet supported in other Kibana visualizations. TSVB does have a data table, so I'd recommend starting there: It provides a UI where you can enter the script you want to run on each of the buckets. You'll find some example scripts in the docs I linked to above.

If TSVB doesn't work for your use case, then you can follow along with the Github issue which tracks wider implementation of bucket scripts across all Kibana core visualizations.

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