How to calculate elapsedtime using logstash

Hi Everyone,

I need to extract response time of an event by calculating elapsedtime from start and end time

excerpts from log:
08-12-17 04:38:17:090 [INFO] [thread-1] [User1] c.s.s.i.a.t.JavaClass1 - Loading Data from
08-12-17 04:49:38:902 [INFO] [thread-10] [User1] c.s.s.i.a.t.JavaClass2 - Data loaded: #12

I need calc the elapsed time between 08-12-17 04:38:17 & 08-12-17 04:49:38:902. The difference is the time taken to load data that I need to plot/visualize in Kibana.

Need to plot this for multiple users who had performed the event
User1 - 0:11:21
User2 - 0:10:01
for instance..

Appreciate your help.

Can you do this as a calculated value in Kibana?

If not try the elapsed filter

With this filter though, you should understand that it needs to "see" all events in original order. Due to the fact that LS runs in a multi-threaded way there is no guarantee that a thread that takes a batch with a "start" event will have stored the start event in the elapsed filter before the second thread processes the "stop" event. Say Batch 1 has 125 events and the start event is number 121 and in Batch 2 the stop event is number 5 - it follows that thread 1 (with batch 1) needs to process 120 events before it gets to the start event whereas thread 2 (with batch 2) only needs to process 4 events before it reaches the stop event.
Therefore you need to set pipeline.workers: 1 in your logstash.yml. This is why I suggested the Kibana method if you can get it to work.

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