How to calculate the result and show them in kibana visualize data table?

(Liu Lantern) #1

  1. As what you see in the picture, I got the data table
  2. But what I want to get is the result of : (the count of og02) / (the count of the sg01) And show them in the data table like below

rate : 0.0038 (the result of 31/8,165 )

  1. What should I do to get the result ?
  2. PS: I just want to select two one set, and get calculated result from the two data result , the the show the calculated result in kibana data table
  1. for example: I could get the count of host sgo1 from data set 01 and got the vistor count from the data set 2
  1. And I want to get the result of the vistor count / the count of host sg01

(Joe Fleming) #2

Unfortunately, there's no way to do this in Kibana, as there's no way to do an operation that uses information from multiple aggregations. You should be able to do this pretty easily using pipeline aggregations, but Kibana doesn't yet have support for them.

(system) #3