How to Capture user's activity in Elasticsearch

Dear Elastic Users,

I am working on an Elasticsearch POC and as part of that i need to capture below details
-- What users are searching for
-- Which links users are clicking

In short i want to capture users activity. In solr Fusion there is an out of box feature for capturing these information which is know as signal capturing.

Do we have something similar to that in Elasticsearch which can help us in capturing users activity.

Thanks in Advance!!

Can you please edit your post and remove the code formatting, it makes it very hard to read what you are asking :slight_smile:



What do you want to capture activity from exactly, Elasticsearch and Kibana, or something else?

I want to capture What User's are searching so that based upon there search history we can do the recommendation and relevance tuning.

Ok but what is querying Elasticsearch?
There's nothing native to Elasticsearch that can do this, but you can do it externally depending on what is making the queries.

I have an Elasticsearch clusters where i have indexed my data. Now i want to capture as part of visualization that which data's from my index are being frequently searched by users.

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