How to change column title from Elasticsearch to Kibana

Hi there,

I am using Elasticsearch starter with Spring Boot and I would like to know how I set a different name for the column title in Elasticsearch/Kibana other than the name of the class attribute.

Is there a way to do that?

Example: the class attribute is "operacao" but in then column title I want to show "Operação".

My version environment is 7.5.0

in kibana go to advance option in visulization and you can put your own label

Thanks for replying, you mean to use a saved search on a New Visualization? Which one?

it is anything. most of them has label option.

I thank you very much for trying to help, but what I need is to save a Search and then use this Search on a Dashboard, I will not use Visualization.

Also, I noticed that only one of my fields are being searched, how odd, is it something on my java class object?
I have a field/column log, that I need it be searchable, can you help me on this too? Or should I open another post here?

if you create a search and save it. I believe you should be able to change tag there as well.
But I found that lense (table) has more power and faster. it also has option for label.

you have to give example for second problem. how do you know only one is being searched?

Thanks a lot my friend.

The second problem I solved, thank you.

The problem using table is that I must aggregate data, and I don't want to aggregate, I just want to show normal tabular data, but sorted by the date column.

I am not sure how to manage this yet.

I have use lense and table format there. drag and drop colum

Thanks, I will try it.

I still can't manage how to change these columns names:

this seems like discovery screen. I don't think you can change label there. you need to create visulization

go to visulization - lens
select your index on left pan.
select first field origem and drop on lens (middle area)
then select table format from bottom screen.
then drop each field that you want as column on right side where it says drop field here. and you can edit them there and change label

Nice, thanks.

The only problem there is that some fields/attributes don't show up, such as autor.nome (what would be the name the person who generated the log entry), any reason for that?

There is no way to change column names on the Discovery List? Or on the Dashboard itself?

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