How to change disk usage folder?

Hello everyone!

I have a question about shows disk usage on kibana. This is my folder that I can see on kibana.

However, how can I change folder?

Thanks again!

Can you elaborate a little more on what you mean by that?

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For example,
I want to see how many percent are full of "/store/persistent_queue/" folder.
I want to add different path.

I hope I made myself clear, thanks for answer.

It's still unclear to me.

Is it a question about "how to select a folder in Kibana?".
I mean is it a Kibana question or a metricbeat question?

Sorry, metricbeat question.
I have a linux system and I want to visulatize folder usage (for example in the screenshot, just want to add another path) on Kibana.

I hope I explain clearly.

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