Disk Usage empty in Kibana

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I am running ES 6.4, Kibana 6.4 and metricbeat 6.4.1

I have metricbeat running on 2 servers and on one server the disk usage is empty in kibana

The other server is showing fine

Both servers run MS Server 2012 R2 and the server with the empty disk usage has data in elasticsearch:

Does anyone know what might be wrong?

(Kåre Bering) #2

This morning it is working :slight_smile:

(Mario Castro) #4

Hi @bering

Awesome Kåre, do you know what was happening? I looked at the issue some days ago but I didn't have any clue of how to help

Thanks for the update!

(Kåre Bering) #5

Hi Mario,

One way I also have seen this is by adding a TAGS to my metricbeat agent like tags: ["serverFarm1"] then wait 10mins and making sure that there are taged data in the metricbeat* index

Then in Kibana goto Visualize create Other->Controls
Add Options list, use the metricbeat* Indexpattern
In the field select the tags

That will says that there is not data matching this.

Wait for 1 day and the control will the correctly show the data.

Hope this makes sence :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mario Castro) #6

That's really weird. I'll take a look at the next opportunity I have and keep you posted in case I see something relevant.

Thanks for the information!

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