Disappearing Disk usage

Hi, I have a problem with displaying Disk Usage %. When Kibana and Metricbeat intervals are equal then everything is OK, the problem shows up when they are not, eg. Kibana default interval (auto) and Metricbeat 1 minute interval. With this setup the most of time I am seeing zeros and only from time to time real usage percentages.

My ELK version is 6.2.4

Looks like a legit issue to me, I was able to repro. Either the metricbeat default visualization should pick a different interval setting, or maybe the interval: auto setting is not behaving correctly.

Filed https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/17843, follow that issue to see how it is resolved!

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When you customize the Metricbeat interval you also need to update all the intervals in the visualizations to >=1m under panel options in the Time Series Visual Builder, this will prevent the buckets from being smaller then the frequency of the data. The problem you're seeing right now is that the update from Metricbeat comes in at the very top of the minute but because the auto buckets are probably 10 second buckets (for the last 15 minutes), for that last minute there are going to be 6 buckets (5 if we drop the last bucket).

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