Kibana monitoring data is different as on server

Dear All,

Can any one help me out that in kibana monitoring, kibana is showing different data as the server. like in server there is 44% disk is used but in kibana monitoring it is showing 39% is used. as same case network IN & out monitoring. it is showing 130 GB data in & 30GB data in out, which is not possible on the server.

So can any one help me.

Thanks you in advance.

I can't tell specifically what metrics you are comparing so I will give some general information.

Have you compared the disk usage info to what is reported by df? The fsstats metricset reports free, used, and total. The used is computed with total - free, but there is also a concept of available and possibly the other usage metric is showing total - available. If there's a difference we should align.

The network metrics reported by Metricbeat are the raw counters (total values) reported by the OS. In order to measure rates you need to differentiate.

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