How to change ES 5.2 log names in log4j 2 config?


I'm trying to get the ES log file names to contain the node name.

I checked various documentations but couldn't find anything in the 5.2 docs. Also tried various es.logs.* combinations found in other the docs but they don't seem to work.

Many thanks for your help,

Hi Elastic Team,

Could you please advise on this?

According to the 5.x documentation: setting this should work ${sys:es.logs.node_name} (if the node name is explicitly set via however it doesn't in 5.2.

In the current documentation: it doesn't mention anything about naming the log files based on node names.

In the upcoming changes doc: it mentions about sys:es.logs.node_name which is the same as the first link so I guess the feature is not available in 5.2 and will only become available in 5.3?


Correct. The first version that feature will be available in is 5.3.0.

Awesome, many thanks for the confirmation.

By the way, any rough timelines for when 5.3 gonna be out?

I'm terribly sorry, but we do not provide release timelines.

No worries, many thanks for the reply.

You're very welcome.

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