How to change Kibana Notification popup CSS


Objective : I have to change the notification popup from bottom to top.

I have upgraded kibana from 7.5.1 to 7.9.0 Earlier we had made change in file


class euiGlobalToast and the changes are reflected without restart and after restart also it was working fine.

Now in latest version of kibana (7.9.0) I made changes in file


Changes are not reflected then I made changes in below file


But no luck I restarted the service as well but it still picks the old .css only.

can some one help me how to fix it. Help is really appreciated.

Can you try removing the optimize folder and restarting the Kibana server?

Hi Marius,

Sorry for late reply.

I removed optimize folder and restarted kibana after applying changes. But no luck Still the popup is displayed at bottom.

After restart kibana has created optimize directory.

Don't know whats going on and why the changes are not reflecting.

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