How to change the background color

I am new to Kibana, i want to change the black background color of kibana dashboard.
the portion which i am talking about will come on the right side of the kibana logo.

Here the background style is specified as inline. Is there a way we can change this ?


In 4.2-4.5 you can find it in src/plugins/kibana/public/kibana.js

Thank you for your reply Jon. I tried what you have mentioned, but still i am getting the black background color.

the html code is
ng-style="::{ background: chrome.getNavBackground() }" ng-class="{ show: chrome.getVisible() }" class="hide navbar navbar-inverse navbar-static-top show" style="background: rgb(34, 34, 34);">

Appreciate your help

Are you running kibana in development mode? If not the changes from modifying that file won't be visible until bundles are regenerated.

Hopefully this helps:

hey !
plz what about kibana 5.1.2 how can i change the blue color of the navbar