How to change the menu order in Kibana Display


I want to change the menu order from it default displaying

From the Order

  1. Discover
  2. Visualize
  3. Dashboard
  4. Management

To the Order of

  1. Visualize
  2. Management
  3. Dashboard
  4. Discover

Is there any way to rearrange that?


There currently isn't a way to do this in Kibana.

It would be very hacky, but you might be able to accomplish what you want by writing a hack (appropriate name) plugin for Kibana.

Here's an excellent resource for getting started writing a Kibana plugin:

Then you could re-order the tabs with something like this:

import $ from 'jquery';

$(() => {
  const $appSwitcher = $('app-switcher');
  function moveTab(tabLabel) {

  ['Visualize', 'Management', 'Dashboard', 'Discover'].forEach((label) => moveTab(label));

Again, this is extremely fragile, but depending on your needs may work.


Thanks. I did it via some other way work around....

Thanks a lot...

Hey, can you please share the work around?

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