Is it possible to change ordering settings in Kibana Graph Dashboards

Essentially a user input which will allow me to change order by (or ascending vs descending)

Can it be done through the dashboard by an end user?

Is there a plugin which will make it possible?

Hi Aditya,

Can you specify which kind of ordering setting you want to change. Dashbaord listing or for all graph in one dashboard


I was referring to this setting (see attached):



There is setting available "Order" after Order by which has Ascending and descending order.
I have used from 5.x and it is present there.

My specific question is 'Can it be done through the dashboard by an end user?'

I know I can do it while creating the Dashboard, but can it be customizable afterward, when the dashboard is provided as an iframe to a user?

Still your question is not clear. you have attached image from visualization screen and want to do customization in dashboard screen
As per my understanding end user can not do this kind of ordering in Dashboard.

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