How to change the reference of visualization and dashboard

I have a existing dashboard that I need to change it's data reference from a index pattern to a saved search. Or I can change its panels' reference to the saved search. Is there anyway to change the data reference of a dashboard or panels/visualizations?

Could you explain what exactly is it that you are trying to do? The representation you are seeing here is internal dashboard state; you should not be making any changes to it here. Any changes you make to the dashboard in the Dashboard app will be reflected here. Vice versa, if you make any changes to the dashboard through the saved object viewer, you are risking breaking the dashboard.

Each visualization has a reference to a data source correct? (index pattern, saved search). I want to change the data source of a visualization from a index pattern to a saved search.

You need to change the visualization itself, and it will then be reflected in its representation on the dashboard.

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