How to change value on pie charts using lense


I have a setup of ELK 7.10.0v.
I made pie chart using lense there I want to change the value at the end of the number in pie chart to Million and in Billions for making easy to understand.

Please suggest me how to change this.


I work on Lens, and we haven't made a simple formatter for this yet. So for now you'll need to set the formatting options in a different part of Kibana. You have two options:

  1. Assign a formatter to the field in your index pattern. Specifically you can use the number format pattern 0,0a which will produce numbers like "208m" or "1b" instead of the values you're seeing. You could also do 0,0.0a which will show 1.4b instead of what you're seeing.

  2. Use a scripted field to do simple math like doc['field'].value / 1000000. This is separate from the formatter, but some users find this useful.

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Hi @wylie,

I followed the option 1, and it worked.
Thank you for the solution.


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