How to check logstash sends logs?


In Kibana I don't recieve any logs so I can't start with the dashboard. How can I check that Logstash is sending something to Elasticsearch?


Have you tried using any services that listen on a network to see what is being sent and where? Two such examples are wireshark and fiddler.

Hi, I have logstash, elasticsearch and Kibana on the same server.
My problem is that Kibana is saying: unable to fetch mapping, do you have any indices pattern?

Check your Logstash logs. If Logstash can't send anything to ES it'll tell you about it in the log. If that checks out okay, list the indexes you have in Elasticsearch. Perhaps Logstash is inserting data, just not to the right index?

Hi Magnus,

This thread can be closed. It is the same problem as in the following post:

Thanks for closing.

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