How to check the count for value within 30 sec frame in logstash

(Ganesh) #1

HI Team,
I working in new scenario in that i want to count the field value in the time frame of 30 sec.

For example:
if i have field produce action value more than 5 times in the timeframe of 30 sec i need to send the mail
how can i perform this

anyone help me on this

im using ELK(2.2.1,2.3)

(Christian Dahlqvist) #2

As data can be processed parallel across any of the Logstash threads, this logic is better implemented in Elasticsearch, e.g. through X-Pack Alerting. This also has the benefit of being able to scale to more than one Logstash instance.

(Ganesh) #3

Im not using Xpack in my Application and how to process this in elasticsearch.

(Christian Dahlqvist) #4

Run a query periodically and check if the condition is true. If this is the case you can send the email.

(Ganesh) #5

Can you help me on the query part. It will be helpful for me.

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