Count with logstash

Hi friends
i'm using elk suite to analize log file
My logs contain in any row a json file that with grok i can correctly extract it..
Now, i want count the occurrences
to try, i want count a simple word (for example "debug") an after this i want generate an alert when "debug" is present more of 10 time in my document...
I have installed and configurated correctly email plugin for alert, and i have installed metric plugin..
Can you help me.
Sorry for my english

Logstash is the wrong place to do this. Have a look at Elastic's own Watcher product or the third-party ElastAlert produc.t

I want generate automatic alert using possible?
I prefer dont use third part'product
Where are Watcher products?
Maybe i can run it on kibana dev tool?
Scuse me for my inexperience, but i'm starting now to use elk stack...


Yes im installing now x-pack on kibana...
If i have problem can i rewrite on this post?

Ok than...i have installed xpack on kibana and elastisearch...
i want thest this example

   PUT _xpack/watcher/watch/log_error_watch
  "trigger" : {
    "schedule" : { "interval" : "10s" } 
  "input" : {
    "search" : {
      "request" : {
        "indices" : [ "logs" ],
        "body" : {
          "query" : {
            "match" : { "message": "error" }

where i run this "PUT _xpack/watcher/watch/log_error_watch"

Screenshot (7)

If i have problem can i rewrite on this post?

There's a separate group for X-Pack questions.

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