Alerts configure ELKB

I was planning to configure alerts in elasticsearch or logstash can you please direct me to proper document or process so that i can test it and will apply on my ELKB.

Main purpose was in our logs if we get some keywords logs like ERROR, failed, dead,host not found... etc , we have some keywords like these . if we got any of these keywords in our logs we want to get and email alert so that we can go and check easily.
I have no idea what to do, so i reached you here.
if i anything unclear from my side please let me know i will provide somemore in depth explanation.

You can use conditionals to generate emails from Logstash on a per-event basis using the email output plugin. If you are looking for more complex functionality based on patterns across a set of data in Elastivsearch this functionality is provided by X-Pack/Watcher.

I was looking to configure alerts either on logstash instance or elasticsearch service in AWS.
so how can i configure alerts on elasticserach service in aws.
This link was telling something about stand alone elasticsearch/kibana install on instance. but i was looking for ElasticSearchservice in AWS.

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