How to Setup custom alerting in kibana for logs

Hey Guys,
I have setup an Alert for my backup Monitoring where in message Field if it says "Network related issue"
with a threshold reached it gives me an alert. The alert contains the contents severity and the message from the message field. I also have server IP field which contains the IP.

My question is, How do i include my server IP here along with the message field to be alerted to my mail.
is there any custom way to set it up.

Are you using Watcher?

Hey tyler
I am not using watcher

What are you using to manage the alerts?

Actually I am using Elasticsearch opensource provided in AWS, for alerting we intergrate with the AWS SNS and send the mail.

You will have to reach out to them about their alerting system and how to include additional information in the message.

Thanks for you concern. Actually , I dint really dig deep into AWS about their options but, I found an another way by using ElastAlert, I was able to achieve what i was up to.

Hey Rahul, I am having the exact same issue. how did you manage to add alert on aws elastic serarch? any document?

Hey Vikas,
I used ElastAlert To create a custom alert rule. Here are the links which i followed

you can refer the YouTube for the steps to installation and GitHub for the commands.

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