Configuring email server in yml file

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I am new to Kibana/ES. I want to configure an e-mail server in elasticsearch.yml file so that I can send alert e-mails based on messages send the logs. How can I do this through the Kibana/ES UI?


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You can use watcher for your use case. Alerting is a set of administrative features that enable you to watch for changes or anomalies in your data and perform the necessary actions in response. Getting started with watcher is easy in Kibana. Here is the guide for it .

A watch can perform multiple actions. The actions are executed one at a time and each action executes independently. Use the email action to send email notifications. To send email, you must configure at least one email account in elasticsearch.yml .
Here is a simple guide to set it up:

An example of how a watch would look like with email configured is as shown below :

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Hi Rashmi, thank you for the clarification. My next question is how I configure elasticsearch.yml. Currently I log into a Kibana portal and from there I see Management link on LHS. Is there somewhere from there where I can configure elasticsearch.yml ? I see some documentation that mentions the Cloud UI Admin portal - is that a separate portal from Kibana?


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