Want to configure email in kibana

want to configure email in kibana so i can take the screen shot of Particular panel and able to send it to someone from kibana page.

I tried these settings in elasticsearch.yml:

There have been few discuss posts around these. Please refer:

official documentation:


I tried these some thing i am missing here.
Can you please send proper query for YML file.

"actions" : {
  "send_email" : { 
    "email" : { 
      "to" : "username@example.org", 
      "subject" : "Watcher Notification", 
      "body" : "{{ctx.payload.hits.total}} error logs found" 
  • is your email setting right ?
  • is the port open ?
  • do you have any proxy in front ?
  • error logs would be helpful

this is hard to tell without any error message. Any more information available.
see https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/reference/7.4/actions-email.html#gmail

what do the logs say ?


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Look up Kibana email configuration. For exchange / outlook, do this:

    PUT /_cluster/settings
      "persistent": {
        "xpack.notification.email.account.exchange_account": {
            "profile": "outlook",
            "email_defaults": {
              "from": "[YOUR_FROM_EMAIL]"
            "smtp": {
                "auth": [FALSE_UNLESS_YOU_ENABLE_EMAIL_AUTH],
                "starttls.enable": [FALSE_UNLESS_YOU_ENABLE_TLS],
                "host": "[YOUR_MAIL_RELAY]",
                "port": [YOUR_MAIL_RELAY_PORT]

Hello Adam,

i want to do this through YML File configuration.Is it possible with this query.I am new in Kibana so getting errors.

I want to do it through yml file.I dont know any other ways.

If i paste this in yml file i am getting errors.I have done one step successfuly

But other steps i am facing issues how to do that in yml file.

I tried this as well after that getting erros in elastic and kibana console:

Please can you help me out from this Email configuration.

1)I am facing this Issue while testing Mail through watcher:

2)This is yml configuration:
3)Secure Password:

For the Email Configuration i have done 2 and 3 steps.Is there any more thing required.

I facing this issue now:

I have enabled two step verification also.

Please help if you know this issue:

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