How to Check which service/application is generating more logs?

Is there a way to check which service/application is generating more logs?
Kubernetes Cluster
Centralised Elasticsearch and Kibana
Fluentbit - different Kubernetes clusters which will send logs to centralised Elasticsearch.

Now i want to check which service is generating logs without verifying it from Discover tab (Kibana), because in there we can check how many hits have been generated to that index and within index we can query the service.
There must be some feature.

Could you create a dashboard with two panels - each showing the count of the number of logs for each index?

Yes @lukas for an index i can see how many logs are generating but within index there are multiple namespaces and within services/application names.
so i want to see the number of logs which got generated.
Is there any feature or manually create multiple dashboards ?

Thanks @lukas
I tried to create one dashboard with the required panel and its showing exactly what i needed.
Thanks for quick suggestion.

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