How to Look at Kibana Logs in Elastic Cloud?

We are wanting to audit and see which dashboards are used most frequently, I know there is not a direct feature to view how often dashboards are used but If I could look at the Logs in Kibana I could parse the logs and get the data.

I know this is possible within on-premise environments but seems not possible from within the managed cloud environment.

Any suggestions?

Hi @Chris_Carter1!

Welcome to the Kibana discuss channel! Currently Kibana logs are not accessible from our managed cloud service. I suggest opening a case with our support team to see if they can help or offer any additional guidance.


Hi @Chris_Carter1 Welcome to the community.

Well actually it turns out Elaticsearch and Kibana logs are now available via the cloud console.

We recently released a feature that allows user to get to elasticsearch and kibana logs.

You will have to look to see if you are getting the logs you want, you may need to update the kibana.yml and or turn on audit logging which can be verbose.

Please read the docs

If you can still not see what you want, I would follow @LizaD suggestion and open a support ticket.


Hi @LizaD and @stephenb

Thanks for the warm welcome and fast responses!

While I knew this feature was there I falsely assumed it was only the Elasticsearch logs, good to see Kibana logs are also included. For others that might see this, I did have to enable auditing to see detail down to the Dashboard level.

While It doesn't seem we can tell exactly when a Dashboard is refreshed we can tell when one is opened and that should give us some additional information that helps determine overall dashboard usage which was the ultimate goal.

Thanks Community!


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