Is it possible to monitor Kibana uses

Hello everyone,

I know that it's possible to have some monitoring about the tool's health from the start.
But I would like to know if it possible to monitor the uses of Kibana.

What I mean is, can we have some informations about the most used dashboard, who is the user who access kibana the most and stuff like this.

I though that it could be done by analyzing the server access log but I wanted to know if something was already available to do so or if my idea seems to be obsolete

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Hey - what version of Kibana are you on? Depending on the version monitoring does collect some of the information you're looking for, but there aren't any visualizations on it. You'll have to look in the .monitoring indices for telemetry type documents. It doesn't have any tracking, but more metadata types such as visaulization counts.

Hello jbudz and thanks for your answer.

We are currently using version 5.6.7
And yeah, I was already aware that in .monitoring we had some informations about the number of visualization and dashboard present in the kibana but that's quite different than what I need to do actually.

Like knowing how many visualization there is can be practical, but I "need" more detailed infos like which visualization is the most used, which dashboard is the least seen and informations related on the uses of kibana by the users.

Do you think it could be possible or do I have to think of another way to find those data.

Thanks again for you reply :slight_smile:

Does nobody have an idea if it's possible or not ? :confused:

Hey sorry about the late reply, there's more info in newer versions of Kibana - but on 5.6 you'll likely have to add a layer in of your own.

Thanks for the reply and no problem about it being late, it's already nice to answer at all :slight_smile:

When you mention "add a layer" do you mean like developping a plugin ?

Thanks again for your answers Jbudz :slight_smile:

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