Dashboard usage monitoring and node.js http access logs

Hello folks,

we are currently developing a monitoring platform for a large transportation company.

This platform monitors environments like development, integration, testing.
You get the idea.

We maintain a large number of dashboards and visualizations in a separate Kibana "space" per environment.

We now want to monitor Kibana usage to identify the most frequently used dashboards and visualizations.

Our first idea was using Kibana monitoring and/or Kibana logs, which is not feasible as those cut off URL parameters. (I have found no property to log the complete URLs in the docs)

We could also patch node.js to generate detailed http server logs, however, we are looking for a less intrusive solution.

Please advice how we can collect such page view information.
(A neat way to generate full Kibana http server logs would be a huge plus, too)

Thank you very much in advance.

hi @capitalism.exe

my suggestion would be to put kibana behind a reverse-proxy, and collect the visits to your pages from the proxy. It will allow you to capture the full URL from the proxy-logs, not the kibana-logs.

For an example with nginx, please see How to Configure Kibana Nginx Proxy {Secure Kibana} | phoenixNAP

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