How to combine first 3 rows in the image and show as single item in Kibana

(amruth) #1

I am trying to group all the rows into two categories called A and B and then tell how much each of them occupy in terms of count.

(Jon Budzenski) #2

Hi, instead of a terms aggregation you'll want to do a filter aggregation:

Filter 1:
getairquotexml OR getcancellationpolicy OR dohotelgdssell

Filter 2:
NOT (getairquotexml OR getcancellationpolicy OR dohotelgdssell)

(amruth) #3

Well, I want to plot both the filter counts in single graph. Like those 10 categories which are displayed over there, I want to add first 5 and last 5 and plot their count in a graph. So the final pie chart will have a single division comprising of 5 fields on one side and 5 on other.

Is it possible to write a program where if cte.subcategory="some value" then display A else display B

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